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MTD’s radiolucent armboard articulates in a vertical plane and rotates in a horizontal plane.  Constructed of strong but lightweight Kevlar and graphite composite, this armboard allow virtually unobstructed flouroscopy of catheter placement.  Three model of the armboard are available, the HB-1, HB-2, and the Double HB-2. 

Double HB-2 Armboard

HB-1 Armbaord

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The MTD Armboard consist s of two major parts, the arm cradle and the flat plate.  The flat plate slides under the table pad and is held in place by an angled lip on one side and a Velcro strap on the other side.  It can be easily removed by releasing the Velcro strap and sliding the armboard assembly out from under the patient.  Two pressure sensitive adhesive Velcro hook strips are provided for placement under each side of the table so that the armboard can be used in the right or left handed mode. 

The flat plate, which slides under the patient, is 18” by 8” with one edge having a lip, which fits the edge of the table.   The plate is made to fit the Picker, GE, Philips, Toshiba, and other flat top special procedure tables with an approx.18” width at point of installation.  The arm cradle is 23” long and 6” wide

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