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  • Specifically designed for Neuro Angiography. Can be effectively used for other head procedures requiring immobilization and multi-positioning. 
  • Unit securely holds the head reducing patient movement which can cause misalignment with subtracted image. 
  • Enhances quality of 3-D images. 
  • New design moves the unit closer to the head end of the table creating less wasted table space. 
  • Tapered base plate easily slides under the table pad. 
  • Universal composite mounting clamp provides secure attachment to the head end of most flat top tables, the new composite clamp design eliminates all metallic parts within the imaging area. 
  • Clamp easily attaches to the table and can be securely fasten with a thumb screw adjustment.     
  •  Low attenuating Molded Kevlarİ composite skull cradle provides rigid and secure positioning.  
  • Easy to maneuver swiveling joint allows for any skull position and the simple one lever locking design enables quick positioning changes and secure locking of the desired position. 
  • Two Velcroİ straps included for securing the forehead and chin. 
  • Foam pad insert include for Patient’s comfort. Two different thickness pads supplied to accommodate different skull sizes.

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