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Manufacturing Capabilities:

The MTD engineering staff specializes in selecting the correct material for the our customer's imaging application, while our production staff follows strict quality control guidelines to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. Our entire staff works closely with the customer through both the design and production processes in order to insure that the end result is a product that not only meets but exceeds the customer's needs for imagiablity, safety and quality.

Proprietary Designs

MTD specializes in custom designed parts to fit each individual customer’s unique needs. Our engineers have developed the following proprietary designs which have many applications through out the medical imaging industry.


The combination of kevlar and low density resin in our DSA-2 Headholder and HB1/HB2 Armboard provides extremely low attenuation for critical Angiography procedures.


The Carbon Fiber with plywood core for CT and Nuclear Medicine applications is an extremely versatile design. The plywood core requires no edge closures, which is a must in a foam core part, resulting in no density change over the entire part. The edges of the part can also be shaped to reduce or eliminate artifacts. High stress areas such as mounting point require no additional reinforcement and compressive strengths are greatly improved relative to foam core parts.


Teflon skinned composites can possibly eliminate the need for elaborate roller mechanisms. Simple sliding parts without metal can be used effectively in MRI and Nuclear Medicine particularly for Pediatric applications.

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